Info about the program itself can be found here.

In a nutshell: The bikes are part bicycle, part wheelchair. The idea is to give bike rides to people that can’t pedal for themselves. Rides would happen along Raleigh greenways. A pilot program is currently planned for Shelley Lake, but will likely transition to Dix Park and may expand to additional bikes.

We plan on starting with 2 bikes. we have budget to purchase tools to keep with the bikes and we’re looking for advice on what to purchase (bike stand, truing stand, tools, pump, etc).

We’re looking for someone to visit the bikes onsite once a month and do basic maintenance.

  • wiping down the bike frame and components
  • cleaning and lubing the chain, brakes, seat post, pedals
  • topping off air pressure in the tires
  • adjusting front and rear brakes
  • adjusting derailleurs
  • wheel truing
  • minor adjustments as to keep the bike operating safely

Other repairs would be outside of this agreement. If you know someone that might be interested in helping, please email me at